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Harvard University Health Services
at the Smith Campus Center in Harvard Square
75 Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138


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Frequently called numbers are shown below. All listings are for HUHS in the Smith Campus Center, 75 Mt. Auburn Street (Harvard Square), unless otherwise specified.

Smith Campus Center, 5th Floor
24 hours a day, 365 days a year
(including weekends and holidays)

Medical and Related Services
Clinicians at HUHS in the Smith Campus Center are divided into teams (3 East and 3 North). If you do not know the name of your primary care physician (PCP), contact Member Services at 617-495-2008 or review your profile on the HUHS Patient Portal
Adult Primary Care 617-495-8414
3 North
3 East
Pediatric Services 617-495-4171 4th Floor
Allergy 617-495-5182 3 West
Behavioral Health 617-495-2323 2nd Floor
Dental Services 617-495-2063 1st Floor
Dermatology 617-495-5182 3 West
Diabetology 617-495-2068 5th Floor
Ear, Nose, & Throat
617-495-2068 5th Floor
Endocrinology 617-495-2068 5th Floor
Eye Services 617-495-2068 5th Floor
Gastroenterology 617-495-2068 5th Floor
General Surgery 617-495-2068 5th Floor
Hematology 617-432-1370  
Laboratory 617-495-9258 Basement
Neurology 617-495-2068 5th Floor
Nutrition 617-495-2068 5th Floor
Harvard Vanguard Obstetrics/
617-495-2333 5th Floor
Ophthalmology 617-495-2068 5th Floor
Othopedic Surgery 617-495-5717 Basement
Pharmacy Services
Patient Refill Line
Smith Campus Center
Physical Therapy 617-496-0699 Basement
Podiatry 617-495-5717 Basement
Radiology 617-496-0699 Basement
Rheumatology 617-495-2068 5th Floor
Urology 617-495-2068 5th Floor


Counseling Services for Students
Counseling and Mental Health Services 617-495-2042 4th Floor
Alcohol and Other Drug Services 617-496-0133 7 Linden Street
Bureau of Study Counsel 617-495-2581 5 Linden Street
Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response
(24-hour Hotline)
617-495-9100 Smith Campus Center, Room 731


Wellness and Health Education
Center for Wellness 617-495-9629 Smith Campus Center
Health Promotion and Education 617-495-9629 Smith Campus Center


Administrative Offices and General Inquiries
General Inquiries & Information 617-495-5711 1st Floor
Medical Records 617-495-2055
Fax: 617-495-8077
4th Floor
Member Services 617-495-2008 1st Floor
Patient Accounts 617-496-8700 1st Floor
Patient Advocate 617-495-7583 1st Floor

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