HUHS now offers COVID-19 antibody testing if you meet all of the following requirements:

  1. You have had COVID-19 symptoms. 
  2. You are recovered.
  3. You need to know your antibody status for decision-making. 
  4. You have a Primary Care Physician (PCP) at HUHS. 

This blood test is not perfect and there are important factors to consider if you take one: 

  • There is 10% chance for false positives, and about a 10% chance for false negatives.   
  • A positive serology test suggests that your immune system has responded to the disease, NOT that you have immunity.  
  • If you have antibodies, it is unclear how long they are protective.  

Requirements to get a test at the HUHS Quest lab: 

  • You must have an HUHS doctor or nurse practitioner order your test before your arrival, which allows you to be tested only at the lab at HUHS. Walk-in testing is not available. 

  • 21 days must have passed since your symptoms began AND you must have no COVID-19 symptoms for the past 10 days (fatigue, shortness of breath, nasal congestion, headache, diarrhea, absence of a sense of smell, fever). 

  • You must not have fever at the time of blood test (we will check when you arrive, but please also check with thermometer before leaving your home)

  • You must wear a face mask while at HUHS.

Insurance Coverage

Harvard University Group Health Plan (HUGHP) and Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) are covering the antibody test, with no additional cost to the patient, as long as:

  • It is being ordered for medically necessary reasons.
  • It has been ordered by a clinician based in the same state as the patient will have the test.

For Harvard students who waived SHIP, Quest will bill your private insurance plan. Please confirm coverage with your health plan before getting tested.​