The "Consumer Drug Take-Back" (CDTB) program is a great way to assist in combating drug misuse, abuse, and diversion while protecting our rivers and streams. The program will provide a convenient way to dispose of unused or expired medications (prescription and over the counter). The receptacle is not designed or set up to accept illegal drugs, needles, thermometers, inhalers, liquids/lotions, aerosol cans, or hydrogen peroxide.

What happens to unused drugs:

Improper Disposal

  • 80% of 139 streams sampled from 1999-2000 contained at least one pharmaceutical.
  • Tests have detected minute concentrations of pharmaceuticals in the drinking water supplies of at least 46 million people in 2 major metropolitan areas.


  • 91 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose.
  • Each day 1,000 people are treated in ER departments for not using prescription opioids as directed.
  • 77% of opioid prescription medications taken by new users are obtained from a friend or relative.
  • 62% of teens who admit taking medication for non-medical reasons say they get drugs from medicine cabinets in their homes.

The secured CDTB green receptacle will be located at the pharmacy counter. Individuals will have free access to dispose of unused or expired prescription and over the counter medications when the pharmacy is open. The CDTB receptacle is self-service and requires no assistance from pharmacy staff members. 

The CDTB receptacle will be available for use starting September 4th, 2018.