Our Commitment to Patients

We, as your health care team, commit to being your partner in care.

  • If you are healthy now, we will help you enhance your whole health.
  • If you are injured or ill, we will help you restore your well-being.
  • If your illness is not curable, we will help plan your care, provide you with the best available options, and support you throughout your treatment.

We will:

  • Make it easy for you to promptly get the high quality care you need;
  • Apply the best current knowledge to your care;
  • Share information with you and provide education so that you understand and can participate effectively in your care;
  • Deliver your care efficiently in a safe, respectful, environment;
  • Behave ethically and sensitively in all our interactions with you; and
  • Help you navigate the health care system, both inside and outside of Harvard University Health Services.

How We Provide Care

  • Patients and community members will receive accurate and up-to-date information regarding their health choices on an ongoing basis.
  • There will be clear and timely communications between patients and Harvard University Health Services, as well as between the University community and Harvard University Health Services regarding health information, insurance information, and accessing care.
  • Harvard University Health Services will employ effective techniques to advance health and wellness education, which allows patients to advance their own wellness.
  • All team members caring for a patient will have access to necessary information about the patient to support appropriate care.

How Our Systems Work

  • Put patient needs first
  • Contribute to treating patients the way we would want to be treated, with dignity and respect
  • Expedite safe care and sound decision making
  • Support excellence in teamwork and individual performance through continuous learning
  • Encourage partnership, feedback, and respect for individual differences among Harvard University Health Services staff
  • Support excellent communication to the whole community
  • Measure activity to support improvements (including patient satisfaction, workplace satisfaction, efficiency of care, effectiveness of care, and effectiveness of team performance)
  • Enhance the coordination, accountability, and management of change and improvement

How We Work Together

It is our belief and commitment that our daily interactions at work should be described as kind, respectful, and honest, and should promote confidence in one another.