If you decide to end a pregnancy, you may have a choice between a medical abortion (taking medicine to end the pregnancy) and a surgical abortion (a vacuum aspiration or dilation and evacuation). For a medical abortion you must be 49 days from your last menstrual period, and we refer patients to Planned Parenthood in Boston, MA. A surgical abortion is done when it has been six or more weeks since your last menstrual period, and you may be referred to Planned Parenthood or Women's Health Services in Brookline, MA. For more information about what will happen after the referral, during your appointment, or during any follow up appointments, please contact Planned Parenthood or Women's Health Services directly.

If you are a member of the Harvard University Student Health Program (HUSHP) Student Health Insurance Plan, you are covered for these services at Planned Parenthood and Women's Health Services. If you are not a member of the HUSHP Student Health Insurance Plan, you should contact your health insurance plan for more information. For students who are not members of the HUSHP Student Health Insurance Plan, but who do not wish to contact their own insurance plan, the HUSHP Student Health Fee will cover $350. Please note that confidentiality is guaranteed in all circumstances with no notification or billing submitted through a parent/guardian's name or address.