Immunization Compliance Information

Fall term deadline: June 12, 2020*
Spring term deadline: January 4, 2021*

June 4, 2020 - Message Regarding Remote Programs
Until official announcements have been made about students either being on campus or taking classes remotely, we are asking that students submit their immunizations as required. We anticipate that we will have more information about remote programs by the end of June.

If your program is remote for the fall semester, immunization compliance will not be required. Remote students will have their Health Services record updated to reflect that immunizations are not required for the upcoming fall semester and immunization noncompliance registration holds will not be applied. If you are looking at your Patient Portal record now, it may continue to show non-compliance until mid-July. We will be making these updates to student records by the end of July.  

If you are missing required immunizations, we recommend that you make arrangements to get the remaining immunizations so that you are fully protected when you arrive on campus. Please check with your health plan in order to understand your coverage for immunizations. You will be able to upload them to the Patient Portal at any time during your remote semester and we encourage you to do so. Health Services will accept and process submissions throughout the semester. If you have already submitted your immunization documentation and your program announces you will be remote, your immunization information will remain securely in your Health Services record and it will be available for spring 2021 registration compliance requirements.  

Review our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

We recommend that you receive your immunizations before you arrive at Harvard, since many health insurance plans cover the costs of immunizations. Students unable to receive immunizations before arriving on campus must arrange for immunizations in the local area. If you receive your immunizations at Harvard University Health Services (HUHS), you may be billed for the cost of the immunization.

*Please note, some programs at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health may have different deadlines and start dates. See Harvard Chan School Submission Dates box at right.

To access your program's immunization forms, please choose the immunization packet that correlates to your school/program.

Non-Healthcare Programs Immunization Packet Clinical Healthcare Programs Immunization Packet Non-Clinical Healthcare Programs Immunization Packet
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