HUHS Flu Clinics

October 29, 2021
Icon of needle and vaccine vile

HUHS continues to offer flu vaccination clinics

Appointments can be made by logging into the HUHS Patient Portal or by calling (617) 495-8414 or (617) 495-2001. Please visit our flu clinic webpage or the HUHS vaccine clinic calendar for all dates, times, and additional information on how to make an appointment.

If you have trouble accessing an appointment with HUHS, we encourage you to go outside of HUHS, including commercial pharmacies. We recommend reviewing your insurance information when looking for an outside location to get your flu vaccine.

  • Please visit the HUSHP website if you are a student on the Harvard Student Health Plan, and the HUGHP website if you are a HUGHP member.

Updated CDC guidance has confirmed that the flu and COVID-19 vaccines can be given simultaneously. Visit the CDC flu webpage for more information.