Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Services Available to Every Student

Regardless of where you reside, all students have access to mental health urgent care, an initial mental health consult with a CAMHS clinician, and CAMHS workshops and group counseling at no cost, if you have paid the Student Health Fee. The initial health consults and workshops can both help you change and reach your personal goals, while also alleviating feelings of alienation and loneliness. Please visit the CAMHS website for a listing of workshops and groups and be sure to continually check the site for updates as they become available. 

All students also have access to mental health urgent care and referrals for mental health care. For any urgent care needs, please call (617) 495-5711 24/7. For referrals, please schedule an initial consult with a CAMHS clinician who will help you determine appropriate next steps for your care. 

CAMHS Service Limitations for Students Outside Massachusetts

As always, CAMHS will continue to offer one-on-one therapy to students, but there are limitations to what services can be provided based upon individual states’ and countries’ laws and restrictions. Within the United States, while some states across the country have temporarily allowed Massachusetts-based clinicians to practice telemedicine during this emergency period, these permissions continue to change and are outside of Harvard’s control. What this means is that the laws in the state where you reside will dictate the type of therapy services that CAMHS can provide to you. For students residing outside of the U.S., there are international restrictions regarding the level of care that can be provided by our clinicians. If you have mental health needs, we strongly encourage you to schedule an initial consult with us so that we may determine appropriate next steps for your care. 

Medical Services at HUHS for Enrolled Students who are Outside of Massachusetts

We understand that COVID-19 has presented unique challenges for you as a remote student. We are here for you and can still answer your medical questions wherever you are during this time.  

Services Available to Every Student

  • All students can speak with HUHS to receive medical advice or have questions answered.  
  • All students are automatically assigned a primary care provider to discuss medical questions and concerns. Call (617) 495-5711 to schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or another provider on their primary care team. 
    • Quick tip!  You can find out who your primary care provider is by logging into the Patient Portal and checking the Profile Tab. 
  • You may have an annual check-up remotely, which will include a review of your medical problems, your medications, discussion of prevention, diet, and exercise. If it is medically necessary, your clinician may recommend that you seek in-person care and diagnostic testing in your own community.
  • All students can discuss their medical concerns or a need to see a specialist with their primary care team. If you are interested in speaking with a specialist at HUHS, you can obtain a referral to schedule a specialty telemedicine visit. 
  • Specialists may include specialty doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists, or athletic trainers. A specialist at HUHS can initially consult with you but can only provide care according to your state’s licensure regulations.  
  • You do not need a referral for an initial consult with Nutrition or with Counseling and Mental Health. You can book these appointments on the Patient Portal
  • If you have an urgent question or concern, all students can contact Urgent Care services regardless of where they are located. Please call us at (617) 495-5711 to connect with Urgent Care or your primary care team.

Regulations for Massachusetts Providers Caring for Remote Students 

Being able to provide care to students who are living outside of Massachusetts is dependent on each state’s decision to allow Massachusetts licensed providers to give medical advice and write prescriptions for their citizens. While there are many states that allow this license reciprocity, some do not. These state restrictions are also subject to change. 

  • If you live in a state that allows for license reciprocity, you can receive care through telemedicine visits (using Zoom).   
  • If you live in a state that is not allowing license reciprocity, you will be able to make a telemedicine appointment with your PCP at HUHS for an initial evaluation. Your PCP will then advise you where to find care locally. 

International Restrictions for Massachusetts Providers 

For international students, there is an additional legal restriction that prohibits HUHS providers from ordering prescriptions and diagnostic tests and prevents being able to provide ongoing care. If those services are needed, your PCP will advise you on how to seek the care you need locally. 

Important Reminder for all Remote Students: If your provider determines that you need in-person care, your insurance plan is a resource for you to find a local physician and become familiar with your benefits.  

For further questions about being a new student at HUHS, please visit our New Student Information page to find out more.