Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Services Available to Every Student

Regardless of where you reside, all students have access to mental health urgent care, an initial mental health consult with a CAMHS clinician, and CAMHS workshops and group counseling at no cost, if you have paid the Student Health Fee. The initial health consults and workshops can both help you change and reach your personal goals, while also alleviating feelings of alienation and loneliness. Please visit the CAMHS website for a listing of workshops and groups and be sure to continually check the site for updates as they become available. 

All students also have access to mental health urgent care and referrals for mental health care. For any urgent care needs, please call (617) 495-5711 24/7. For referrals, please schedule an initial consult with a CAMHS clinician who will help you determine appropriate next steps for your care. 

CAMHS Service Limitations for Students Outside Massachusetts

As always, CAMHS will continue to offer one-on-one therapy to students, but there are limitations to what services can be provided based upon individual states’ and countries’ laws and restrictions. Within the United States, while some states across the country have temporarily allowed Massachusetts-based clinicians to practice telemedicine during this emergency period, these permissions continue to change and are outside of Harvard’s control. What this means is that the laws in the state where you reside will dictate the type of therapy services that CAMHS can provide to you. For students residing outside of the U.S., there are international restrictions regarding the level of care that can be provided by our clinicians. If you have mental health needs, we strongly encourage you to schedule an initial consult with us so that we may determine appropriate next steps for your care. 

Medical Services at HUHS

Services Available to Every Student

HUHS is available to provide medical consults within Internal Medicine with your Primary Care Team, if needed. For students outside Massachusetts who need longer-term care, HUHS is a resource to provide guidance on appropriate next steps for transitioning care to local providers. Urgent Care services are available to all students, regardless of location.