If you are interested in a specific group, you may call (617) 495-2042 to speak with the group leader or you may book a half-hour session with the leader to discuss the group and your interest in it. 

Group overview


Calming the Worried Mind
February 5 - March 5 (excluding 2/19)
3:30-4:30pm, HBS Batten Hall, Room 305
Contact: Carmen Cruz, LICSW
Ongoing enrollment

Calming the Worried Mind is a four week skill building group designed to help students reduce their level of anxiety and learn how to manage more effectively. Using the books "Calming Your Anxious Mind" and “Mindful Way Thru Depression” as guides, participants will learn how mindfulness and compassion can reduce anxiety, depression, fear, worry, and panic. The workshop will include guided mindfulness meditation, CBT, and DBT strategies. Undergraduate and graduate students are both welcome.  

Religion, Gender, Sexuality Support Group
Beginning February 5 (4:00-5:00pm), BGLTQ Office Meeting Room, Grays Hall Basement
Contact: Brian Rich, LICSW


Managing Emotions Group
Beginning January 23 (5:00-6:30pm), Monks Conference Room 6th Floor Smith Campus Center
Contact: Rue Wilson, EdD
Ongoing enrollment

This 4-week rotating group uses a workshop type format to introduce Cognitive and Dialectical Behavior therapy skills to students seeking to understand and adjust their thoughts and feelings. Each week new approaches will be discussed and practiced, including mindfulness and distress tolerance skills, acceptance strategies, reducing negative thinking, managing feelings, and reducing harmful coping behaviors. Join for one session or attend as many workshops as you need. Skills will be repeated every 4 weeks.  

Recovery Group
January 23 - May15 (6:00-7:30pm), Resource Room 6th Floor Smith Campus Center
Contact: Janet Lawrence, LICSW, LADC1 
Ongoing enrollment

A safe, confidential, forum for students seeking support for their abstinence from alcohol and other drugs while succeeding in academic and campus life. Be with like-minded students to discuss identifying and building strategies for coping with the stress and pleasures of being a Harvard student while remaining substance free. 

LGBTQ Men's Support Group
February 13 - April 24 (5:00-6:30pm), Behavioral Health Conference Room 6th Floor Smith Campus Center
Contact: Brian Rich, LICSW
Ongoing enrollment

This group is for undergraduate and graduate students who identify as male and gay/bisexual in any regards. The purpose of this group is to provide a safe, confidential, affirming space for gay and bi men to discuss a wide range of psychosocial issues related to sexual orientation including, but not limited to, family, coming out, homophobia, dating, sex, and identity. In the end, the hope is that this group will provide the opportunity for interpersonal affirmation, to reduce feelings of isolation, and to build a supportive and reliable community for group members.

Life in Law: Coaching for Success in Law
January 30 - April 17 (12:00-1:00pm), HLS Room WCC3038
Contact: Marla Allisan, JD, LICSW
No pre-registration required

Please join us for lunch and conversation about skills that strengthen a successful career in law. Led by Marla Allisan JD, LICSW, this program will include guest presenters as well as address subjects such as time management, complex conversations, and managing anxiety in a law career. Check the flyers and posters in the Law School for the specific topic and presenter schedule. This is a skills- based, interactive, drop-in seminar for all HLS law students (JD, LLM and SJD). 

Students of Color Support Group
February 6 - April 24 (5:00-6:30pm), Memorial Church Room G012
Contact: Carmen Cruz, LICSW

This group promotes diversity and community. It offers the space to discuss health, relationships, identity, differences, and wellness in a safe, supportive, confidential space. All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome.  

Grief Group
There will be 2 groups offered for 4 weeks each on Tuesdays from 3:00-4:30pm, Bock Conference Room 6th Floor Smith Campus Center
January 30 - February 20 & 
March 6 - March 27
Contact: Deborah Levans, LICSW or call 617-496-0279

The group (co-facilitated by Noah Levinson, MPH, MSW and Deborah Levans, LICSW) offers a supportive and confidential space for graduate and undergraduate students who have lost someone. The group provides a space to reduce isolation and explore a number of grief-related topics including, but not limited to, the nature of grief, dealing with loss, and facing change. 


Life in Law: Speaker Series - "Lawyers Making a Difference"
January 31 - April 18 (12:00-1:00pm), HLS Room WCC3038
Contact: Marla Allisan, JD, LICSW
No pre-registration required

Please join us for lunch and conversation with attorneys who've created novel legal paths for their legal careers. Our focus is the personal impetus behind the larger dream and how each attorney sustains their vision amidst the other demands and joys of daily life. Please come with your questions and imagine your own future as you listen to how others have made decisions along the way. Please check the flyers and posters in the Law School for the specific topic and presenter schedule. This is an interactive drop-in seminar for all HLS law students (JD, LLM and SJD).


Take a Paws (Drop-in Therapy Dog Group)
February 1 - May 10 (12:00-1:00pm & 5:00-6:00pm)
12-1pm in the Bock Conference Room 6th Floor Smith Campus Center
5-6pm in the Resource Room 6th Floor Smith Campus Center
Contact: Julie Aresco, LICSW or Chloe Levine
Ongoing enrollment/drop-in

Animals have been proven to help decrease stress and improve quality of life. This is a drop-in group open to graduate and undergraduate students wanting to engage in animal assisted therapy with Tulip and Tom, the therapy dogs. Students can email ahead or just drop-in to engage with Tulip and Tom for pets and play.

LGBTQ Women's Group
February 8 - April 19 (5:00-6:30pm), Behavioral Health Conference Room 6th Floor Smith Campus Center
Contact: Marin Smith, LICSW or call 617-495-2042
Open enrollment for first 3 sessions, then closed
Interested students are encouraged to discuss the group in person with Marin; please schedule by email or phone

This is a confidential support group open to undergraduate and graduate LGBTQ Women interested in a safe space to discuss concerns related to sexuality, relationships, family, health, academics, and more. Queer and questioning Women of Color are especially encouraged to come check things out. 

Transform from Self-Criticism into Self-Compassion Group
Mach 1 - April 5 (5:00-6:30pm), CAMHS Conference Room 4th Floor Smith Campus Center
Contact: Xiaoyan Fan, PhD 
Ongoing enrollment

Do you find you are harsh on yourself, criticize yourself often? This 6 week skill-based group will help you identify your inner critic, develop a kind inner voice by learning and practicing self-compassion, and restore confidence.

Graduate Students Group
January 25 - May 10 (3:00-5:00pm), Bock Conference Room 6th Floor Smith Campus Center
Contact: Frances Turnbull, EdD for screening and information
Limited to 10 members

This group provides a safe and confidential space in which to share your experience and concerns related to being a grad student. Themes discussed include managing stress, balancing work and self-care, attending to personal relationships, navigating difficult conversations, getting unstuck, managing perfectionism and the inner critic, impostor syndrome, and resilience. The group is intended to provide members with support, affirmation, and interpersonal learning, while also introducing some skills and strategies to enhance well-being.   

TRANSCEND - Support and Education Group for Trans Students
February 8 - April 26 (5:00-6:30pm), Room 4405 4th Floor Smith Campus Center
Contact: Brandin Dear, MSW, LICSW or call 617-495-2042 to set up a brief phone call to discuss the group details 

This is a confidential support and psycho-education group for undergraduate and graduate students who identify as transgender, gender queer, non-binary, gender non-conforming, or are questioning their gender identity. This group will provide a safe and affirming space to build community, share stories, process experiences, and learn strategies for navigating challenging situations. Topics include social and legal aspects of gender transition, coming out to family and friends, finding support, medical interventions, physical and mental health, safety issues, relationships, coming out in internships/job settings, and more.


A Support Group for Students Affected by Another's Substance Abuse
February 2 - March 23 (3:30-5:00pm), Bock Conference Room 6th Floor Smith Campus Center
Contact: Janet Lawrence, LICSW, LADC1 or call 617-496-0366

This is an educational and support group for students who have been or are affected by a family member’s, significant other’s, or friend’s alcohol (or drug) problem. This can be a parent, sibling, spouse, significant other, grandparent, close family friend, friend, or roommate. The purpose of this group is to offer a supportive environment, where students can come to see they are not alone, and to gain education and understanding about the impact and effects of another’s use on their lives. The goal of the group is to learn coping skills to reduce impact on one’s current functioning - academic, social, and otherwise, and to support student’s ongoing success.