Verify Your Vaccination & Booster

The University is requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for all Harvard community members and COVID-19 boosters for all students. Boosters are strongly encouraged for all faculty, staff, and researchers. Vaccines and boosters must be FDA- or WHO-authorized.

  • The deadline to receive and verify your COVID-19 booster is January 31. See "How to Submit Your Verification" below to verify your booster through the HUHS Patient Portal.
  • If you’re not yet eligible to receive your booster, your deadline to receive and verify your booster will be 30 days after you become eligible.
  • If you received your primary vaccine series outside the United States, you should seek a booster with any WHO-approved vaccine that is available to you (mixing of brands is acceptable).
  • If you’re unable to get a booster before you return to campus, you will not be barred from entering campus. You will, however, be expected to arrange for the booster as soon as possible. See the HUHS booster clinic scheduling options.
  • If you have an approved exemption for the vaccine, you don’t need to submit additional documentation for a booster exemption.

How to Submit Your Verification

Employees and students who received their vaccination and/or booster through HUHS

If you received your vaccination and/or booster through HUHS, you do not need to submit any information, as HUHS already has your information on file.

Employees and students who received their vaccination and/or booster through external sites

If you received a booster since originally submitting your vaccine card, you can update your record in the HUHS patient portal. Log in to the portal to upload an image of the card containing the booster information, select your immunization manufacturer from the drop-down menu, and enter the date you received it.

Submit your verification by uploading a photo of your vaccination card in the HUHS Patient Portal.

You do not need to be a patient of HUHS to do this.

If your vaccine is not WHO-approved, please still submit the information with the manufacturer left blank, and attach a copy of any documentation. If it is in another language, please attach an additional note in English.

Steps to upload your vaccine and booster card:

  1. Go to the HUHS Patient Portal. Log in with your HarvardKey.
  2. Enter your birthdate, and then click “Proceed”.
  3. On the homepage, click on the button to “Enter My COVID-19 Vaccination Information”.
  4. Under COVID-19 Vaccination Card Upload, click “Upload”.
  5. Select the photo of your vaccination card. Once the image preview loads, select “Looks Good”.
  6. Under “Covid-19 Vaccine History”, click “Add Immunization” to enter the date(s) and manufacturer(s) of vaccine and/or booster that you received. If you don’t see the manufacturer listed in the dropdown, you should still submit your documentation.
  7. Click “Save” and then click “Done”.
    1. Details of Covid Vaccine should be changed to “Awaiting Review.” Status will still show as “Not Compliant”.
    2. Once HUHS has reviewed and confirmed your vaccination and/or booster, the status will be updated to “Compliant”.

Employees and students seeking exemption

If you have an approved exemption for the vaccine, you do not need to request an exemption for the booster requirement.

Students seeking a medical or religious exemption for the vaccine should complete the Student Vaccine Exemption Form and provide the required documentation.

Employees who have not already claimed a medical or religious exemption, but who wish to do so, can email

Unvaccinated individuals who are approved for a medical or religious exemption will have more frequent COVID-19 testing requirements and may be subject to additional public health measures.