Urgent Care is available during regular business hours at our Smith Campus Center location and after hours at our Pound Hall location.

Pediatric urgent care is now being provided by Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. Pediatric patients should call (617) 661-5575 to speak with a clinician. More information about pediatric urgent care.

We provide advice and treatment for urgent health problems, both physical and emotional, that require prompt attention but are not life threatening emergencies. If a problem seems life-threatening, please call 911 immediately.

Whenever possible, we encourage you to call first to schedule an appointment or to obtain advice if you are unsure whether your medical or mental health need is urgent. Appointments can also be scheduled online through the Patient Portal.


Harvard students and HUGHP members with an HUHS primary care physician may utilize Urgent Care. All Harvard employees may seek care at HUHS for urgent medical issues that arise while at work, as long as the onset of the illness or injury occurred within the previous 24 hours.

HUHS contracts with Harvard University-sponsored insurance plans and Medicare and will bill these insurance carriers. HUHS is considered a nonparticipating provider in most other insurance carrier networks. Your insurance plan will be billed for the cost of the visit—charges for an office visit vary depending on the services provided. This charge excludes the cost of any prescription drugs or laboratory services, which will be billed separately.

  • Harvard employees with a Harvard-sponsored insurance plan will be responsible for an office visit copayment, determined by the insurance plan, due at the time of service.
  • Harvard employees who do not have a Harvard-sponsored insurance plan will be required to pay the amount determined by their insurance plan after the plan is billed for the cost of the visit.

If you are injured at work and seek medical assistance at HUHS, you should follow the Workers’ Compensation procedures established by the University.

Appointments/How to Access Care

While we can accommodate walk-ins, we encourage patients to call first, (617) 495-5711, to schedule an appointment or to obtain health advice. You can also book an appointment online through the Patient Portal. Scheduling an appointment ahead of time helps to reduce your wait time.

What to Expect

Urgent Care is equipped to provide clinical services and relevant diagnostic testing as appropriate. Patients are seen based on acuity, so you may need to wait even if you have an appointment.

If you have a serious condition that cannot be fully evaluated or treated at HUHS, we will arrange to transfer you to a hospital emergency department. In the event that you are transferred, be sure to contact Member Services or your health insurance company regarding coverage.

Most health plans require you or a family member to contact them within 24 hours to arrange follow up care and confirm coverage. Consult HUSHP/HUGHP Member Services at (617) 495-2008 or mservices@huhs.harvard.edu or your health insurance plan for details.

Directions and Parking for after hours urgent care at Pound Hall


After Hours Urgent Care is located in the basement of Pound Hall, 1563 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138.

Walking directions from the Smith Campus Center to Pound Hall.


Parking for After Hours Urgent Care at Pound Hall is available at the following locations:

10 Everett Street Garage: Monday-Friday from 5:30pm-11:00pm
22 Everett Street, Perkins Lot: Monday-Friday from 11:00pm-7:30am and all day on weekends and holidays

If parking in the 10 Everett Street Garage, let the security guard know that you are a Harvard University Health Services Urgent Care patient.

Look for the following signs at the entrance to the Perkins Lot:



Handicap accessible parking

Handicap accessible parking is available at both the 10 Everett Street Garage and the Perkins Lot (22 Everett Street). There is also a handicap accessible parking spot located at the Lewis turnaround loop, which can be accessed from the north-bound side of Massachusetts Avenue, at 1557 Massachusetts Avenue